And I wake up blind, like my dreams were too bright

Pairing: sort of pre-slash Destiel

Wordcount: 6,300

Rating: pg-13 (author’s own rating)

Quality: 8/10

Author: strangenessandcharm

Description: Jimmy Novak wakes up after being possessed by Castiel.Or rather, Jimmy wakes up to find that things are not all as they should be. It’s quite an angsty fic, but a really interesting insight into Jimmy, Cas and Dean and well worth the read. 

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300 Things

Pairing: Destiel, background Sam/Jess

Wordcount: 76,500

Rating: umm, mature? Idk, I don’t remember it being that explicit

Quality: 9.5/10

Author: cautionzombies

Description: There’s a high chance you’ve already heard of 300 Things. It’s one of the definitive Destiel College AUs in the fandom, and for good reason. Set in a world where Dean is a mature student struggling to make ends meet and finally get a degree, Castiel is a professor who comes into Dean’s life an makes things much easier - or harder, depending on how you look at it. No pun intended. It’s really well written, a really well thought out AU and also has some nice nods to canon. If you haven’t read it already, you really should…

Find it here. (masterpost)

The Time Dean was Sam’s Girlfriend…

Pairing: Sam/Jess, but also sort of Wincest

Wordcount: 11, 041

Rating: PG-13 (author’s own rating)

Quality: 8/10

Author: fleshflutter

Description: This is cracky as hell, and funny with it. Sort of set in canon (but pre-show), the basic premise is that Jess and Dean make a birthday wish at the same time (they share a birthday, if you didn’t already know) and end up switching bodies for the night. Hilarity ensues, as you would expect. It’s worth noting though, that there’s quite a heavy Wincest subtext, so although I enjoyed it as a not-really-Wincest-shipper, if you’re not into that thing, you might want to steer clear.

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Pairing: Destiel

Wordcount: unknown, but long-ish for a oneshot

Rating: NC-17

Quality: 5 stars

Author: CloudyJenn

Description: Set in an alternate universe where angels walk freely among humans, Castiel ends up taking an… unusual job to pay the bills (at his brother Gabriel’s suggestion). It’s this new job that brings him to Dean’s attention. This is sort of PWP but also funny and in an interesting setting. Some people might not like the AU, although personally I liked the idea and loved the situations it created. Quick warning: this is not one to read in company! Also, it’s heavily focused on wing!kink.

Find it here.

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This just a quick message to say that this blog is still alive, and to apologise for being out of action for the past couple of weeks. It boils down to the death of my old laptop, combined with trying to move/sort out my millions of SPN fic bookmarks, and then going on an internet-free holiday for a week. 

I am really, really sorry! However, hopefully from now on, things should be more back to normal. And to make up for my disappearance, I’ll be posting a new rec every day Monday-Friday this week.

Also, there’s now a crack!fic page for all those fics that make you sputter in disbelief while laughing so hard you almost choke.

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Anyway, I’m going to be away for the next week probably, so I’m sorry in advance.I hope to be back to normal Monday week.


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And The Hunter Makes Three

Pairing: none

Wordcount: 3,826

Rating: Mature (using author’s own rating here)

Quality: 9/10

Author: girl_wonder

This is a Jo-centric piece, set after Jo’s ordeal at the hands of Sam in 2x14 (Born Under a Bad Sign) and it follows her as she makes a fresh start. It’s quite melancholy and a little creepy in places, but it’s a really interesting insight into Jo as a character. Overall, just a really thoughtful, thought-provoking piece.

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In His Image

Pairing: Destiel/Sabriel

Wordcount: 152,475

Rating: NC-17

Quality: 10/10

Author: Whit Merule

Description: Set after 5x19 (Hammer of the Gods) in an AU where Kali brings Gabriel back to life and running through to the end of Season 5, this is a long and really well-developed fic. It’s quite heavy on history in places and quite Gabriel centric, but also funny, touching and seriously hot. Really well-written characterisations, really interesting ideas and a great ending. If you like Destiel and Sabriel, it’s definitely worth reading. It’s also the first part of a great series, so if you like it, there’s plenty more to read.

Find it here.

Thursday’s Child

Pairing: Destiel, with the occasional Castiel/OC

Wordcount: 114,000

Rating: NC 17

Quality: 9.5/10

Author: strangenessandcharm on dreamwidth

Description: Set in a verse of 5x04 (The End) where 2009!Dean never turns up and 2014!Dean manages to kill Lucifer with the Colt, this tracks the lives of Dean and Cas in the aftermath. It’s one of the longest fics I’ve ever read and it’s really beautiful - be warned though, there’s quite a lot of whump and your heart may get smashed to bits a couple of times. Still, it’s a must read for anyone who likes the end!verse.

Find it here.

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Welcome to Superfictional, a Supernatural fic rec blog, run by me, Izzy.

I read a lot of fanfic, and I’m always on the hunt for new fics to read - especially good fics. A lot of the fic I’ve read has been found through blogs who have a fic rec page, and I wanted to be able to share my recs too. However, rather than set up a page (or two, or three) on my blog, I decided it would just be simpler to set up a blog. 

I expect to post a new recommendation every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (maybe more often, if people are interested), complete with information about the pairings, wordcount, rating, quality, and author, as well as a brief description/opinion and a link to the fic.

All posts will be tagged in such a way as to make it possible for you to find exactly what you want, when you want. These tags correspond to the pages.

Pages are (variously) pairing related, wordcount related, character related, and miscellaneously catagorised.

- Pairings represented are Wincest, Destiel, Sabriel, and OT3/4. This is because they are, in essence, the ‘main’/’popular’ pairings of Supernatural. 

- Wordcounts are fairly self explanatory, ranging from <1,000 to 75,000+

- Characters are both for character centric non-paired fic and for pairings not given their own page. For example, Sam/Ruby fic would be tagged both as Sam and Ruby, so would appear in both tags. Wincest, Destiel and Sabriel will not be tagged by character to keep the character pages from filling up/getting cluttered.

- Miscellaneously catagorised refers to genfics (Gen), Kink fics (wing kink, blood kink, bdsm, etc), NC-17 rated fics (NC-17). It may be added to.

Obviously, the blog is heavily influenced by the pairings/fics that I ship/read. I’m more than willing to add extra categories over time though - this is just the start and the blog will change/improve over time. Recs are welcome, as are questions - the ask box is always open. But I think that’s everything for now. 

Anyway, hi!

And for anyone who’s interested, my personal blog can be found here.